HR Franchisee

Partner with us as a Franchisee and make extra money

Who should do this

People who want to start their own business
People who want to leave their job now or after 1-3 years
People who want to work from home


Get Started

Call +91-9769571199 to book a 1-hour meeting for individual consultancy on phone or face to face. Charges Rs. 500 payable in-person or via bank transfer. WhatsApp the payment transaction details to 9769571199

Bank Details

Account Name: Shefali Dani
Account number: 427637321
Bank Name: Indian Bank, Ghatkopar (East), Mumbai

,   1-hour Meeting Agenda

  • Explain the business and the terms
  • Explain your role
  • Explain the support you will receive from us
  • Discuss your availability (hours per day/week) as our model is flexible
  • No education qualifications or age requirements as we will provide the training for you to do this business
  • One time Franchisee  fee: Rs. 25000 ( Renewal fees rs 5000 every year ).
  • Training available in Hindi, English, Gujarati, and Marathi.
  • Instalment facility too is available with minimal interest .


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